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The Gemtwins

Astrologically Reliant Intuitive Advisor and Entry Level Adult Industry Assistant

The Alchemic Illusionist

I'm Old Enough to do literally Anything...

Too Old to be Questioned About It. 

Too Clearly Texan to be Doubted. 

From Fort Worth, TEXAS.

Native American


(Advocate for the CPS Strike/ Administrative Take Over.)



Alternative Model.

Lead Generator.

Mutual Match Maker.



Intuitive Consultant.

Motorcycle Enthusiast.

Only Child + Only Child


Only Me.



90's kid. 

Intellectually Inventive.






Indiscriminate Consideration.

Anxious Tangle. 

Vicious Fervor. 

Detrimental Determination.

Manic Mommy.

Limited Time FREE Birth chart ask me how!!!

Drop me a line or find contact me on the form below to request your free birth chart only available through tomorrow, July 4, 2021.

My first blog post. I intend to release my next one in the following week.

Chrismic Consulting

want to submit a digital media content request, or if you are just curious about what the stars say for you today. I also offer procurement services in the DFW only.

If You Would Like to Talk to Me....

Maybe you have a big move coming up, maybe it's the crush you can't approach, whatever it is you're unsure about there's always a solution. Don't hold back, I can take it I promise.
Go ahead and try me.
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How would you like to turn your Quirks into your Skills?

Do you study Astrology? Read cards perhaps? Maybe you're a palm reader or a Medium? even Empaths should click here... helping others should be something you enjoy, and more than anything, if you trust your own instincts... I DARE you to Apply to be on my team of Psy Chicks, where you can work from home helping others as an Intuitive Consultant, as well as get insider tips and assistance, on turning your Intuition into your Passion, and your Cosmic Contribution.
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